NRCC is committed to providing the highest quality of life for our residents. Living and dining areas are well furnished and comfortable. Individualized care and therapeutic recreation programs are available to all residents. NRCC provide nutritious meals while catering to therapeutic diets and food restrictions. NRCC continues to provide ongoing education and welcomes feedback from both residents and families to improve staff services.

NRCC comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach to patient care includes: certified nurse’s aides, nurses, therapists, social workers, and physicians. NRCC offers an on-site APRN who collaborates with staff physicians to handle clinical matters in an efficient and timely manner. This approach enhances the quality of care and reduces any unnecessary transfers to the hospital during your stay at NRCC. Our short term stay unit is staffed by RN’s specifically trained to care for chronic illnesses. The nursing team manages medically complex, cardiac, pulmonary, orthopedic, wound care, diabetes management, and palliative care. Our rehabilitation team offers 7 day a week physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Our model of care is holistic. Psycho-social and spiritual care is provided as part of each plan of care to enhance successful outcomes. In additions, we have a seven day a week recreation program that offers wellness, exercise plans, and individualized one to one programs. Other on-site amenities include private rooms with television, phones, daily newspaper delivery, beauty salon, and massage therapy.

NRCC continues to create a person-centered culture by the following initiatives: Consistent Assignments - Goals of the community:
  • To improve the quality of care and services provided to the residents.
  • To improve job satisfaction and sense of value when we empower the aides to take responsibility for their residents.
  • To increase engagement and improve communication with residents, families, and caregivers.
  • To improve critical thinking and decision making skills of staff.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation department provides a wide variety of programs with meaningful activities which meet the residents cognitive, physical, and social abilities on a regular basis. The programs are designed to promote the physical, mental, and psycho-social well being of each individual resident. Programs included but not limited to consist of Exercise Programs, Art Therapy, Pet Therapy, Monthly Birthday Celebrations, Creative Cooking Programs, Red Hat Society, Men’s Club, Veteran’s Programs, Wii Gaming, and Movie Night events.

Dining Services

Our community offers restaurant styled dining with steam table service in our main dining room. NRCC transitioned dining services to follow the National Dysphasia Diet guidelines to enhance menu selection for residents. Our dietician establishes individualized meal plans based on preference to promote healthier choices and increase compliance with MD orders and diet restrictions.

Social Services

This department identifies support systems for our residents in order to ensure an aftercare plan when the resident is discharged. Areas that are reviewed are, but not limited to, family support, transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and financial concerns. Area agencies are contacted to set up appropriate care in the community. Social services provide follow up post discharge with residents to ensure that appointments are kept and goals are being met by the aftercare agency.

Educational Programs

A concentrated effort to coordinate educational programs and clinical competencies with the hospital would be mutually beneficial for the individuals that we collectively care for in the community. NRCC currently offers a nursing comprehensive nursing orientation program individualized based on the new nurse’s level of experience and the area of practice in the long term care setting. The Quality Improvement Director assesses areas of opportunity for improvement and acts as a staff mentor to provide ongoing support.

Communities We Serve:

Baltic, North Franklin, Bozrah, Norwich, Canterbury, Oakdale, Colchester, Plainfield, Franklin, Preston, Griswold, Salem, Jewett City, Sprague, Lebanon, Taftville, Ledyard, Uncasville, Lisbon, Voluntown, Montville, Yantic

Other Physician Services

Dental, Podiatry, Vision, Auditory, Mental Health, and Wound Care
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